JP Bouvet @ MDS

JP Bouvet conducted an up-close and personal drum clinic with just the MDS drum educators on 06/08/16 at MDS Headquarters. We had the great privilege of hosting the talented, passionate, humble, and creative drummer from New York, USA this year (2016).

Here you can watch the main parts of the clinic in HD including some Q&A session with the educators.

JP Bouvet is a drummer and clinician based in New York City and has already accomplished more in just a few short years than many drummers do in their entire lives.
He is the winner of both Guitar Centre’s Drum-off and Roland V-Drums Contest in 2011. He has played with Drew of the Drew, Dave Mackay Group and the lastest Generation Axe with Steve Vai, Wylde, Malmsteen, Bettencourt, & Abasi.

@ My Drum School Headquarters